Drone in the Sky


Pricing depends very much on the circumstance, therefore, we can not provide a fixed price list. Long travel time, a difficult flying environment or the need to come twice to the property in order to get a nice sunny shot from all sides are some of the obstacles.

In general we charge $100 - $125 for a photo session. You get up to 20 (minimum 15) high quality photos. You can use the photos for your print media or on your web/social media sites.

Summer Special: $75.00 for 15 high quality pictures *

Please call (941 - 587 - 7129) or email us and tell us about your project. We are more than happy to quote you a price that makes both of us happy.

Stump Pass State Beach Park
Community Center Sarasota National
Sarasota National
Village of Bellagio
Village of Bellagio

* depending on location