Drone in the Sky

Stunning Aerial Photos!

When it comes time to showcase a new residential or commercial property, experienced real estate professionals use the latest in video and photo production. Start using drones for:

Grand Palm Community Center
Grand Palm in Venice

Residential Real Estate

Only aerial photos and videos allow Real Estate professionals to showcase their properties like never before. 

The high angle camera position creates a dramatic impression so that everybody would like to see more. 


Commercial Real Estate

Drone photography is a vivid and engaging way to show off a new commercial real estate development or construction project.

Drone pictures will help to quickly get an idea about the property and the site. The prospect buyer can better asses how easily the property is to access. 


Marketing and Media

Aerial photography is a great marketing tool. It is the best way to give travelers a taste of their travel target. 

Drone photos allow hotel and resort owners to highlight the entire property and offer potential guests a bird’s eye view of the location and the amenities. 

More Ideas? 

Do you want to inspect your roof without breaking the tiles? We can provide high quality photos of your roof and you can decide what you want to do. 

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